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Our Client's Feedback
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  1. Mr. & Mrs. Gaurav
    We have no hesitation in recommending ICARUS BUILDER as one of the finest. If this is what the new look Jaipur is, well then, we have made a long journey and come full circle to where we started from. Home is where the heart is! "

  2. Mr. Anant Sharma
    Amazing, Seriously Belle Vue @ Civil Lines, Jaipur
  3. Ms. Tani Rajput
    Awesomely Beautiful..!!! 
  4. Ms. Samta Singh
    WoooW...........Amazing Looks!!!
  5. Mr. Rehan Karwal
    Gajab... Well Finished Work.. With No Compromise by Icarus in Quality...!!!
  6. Mr. Sanjeev Chandrawat
    Beautiful Work..!
  7. Ms. Shikha Bhardawaj
    Very Royal & Elegant Looks..!!!
  8. Mr. Alam